1. Agents theory and technology related to smart applications development
  2. Software Engineering techniques for smart applications development
  3. Smart-* (city, vessels, spaces…) theory, modeling and simulation
  4. Middleware for AO smart applications development
  5. Languages and tools for AO smart applications development
  6. Architectures for smart applications development
  7. Trust, Security and Privacy in smart applications development
  8. Adaptive, animated and personality driven agents
  9. Agents and objects
  10. Agents and supporting technologies to cooperation
  11. Agents integrated with the Web
  12. Mobile agents
  13. Agents for e-commerce
  14. Agents and Sensor networks
  15. Learning, planning and reasoning
  16. Applications Agents at
  17. Coordination, cooperation and communication
  18. Hardware and software infrastructures
  19. Theoretical, conceptual and ontological basis
  20. Agent based software engineering
  21. Agent based languages and platforms
  22. Agent-oriented methods and development tools
  23. Relations between agents and different development technologies
  24. Security, trust and responsibility
  25. Standard and interoperability
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Francesco Lanza
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